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Donald S. Hill, RDMS, RMSKS, APS, RT(R)
Excellence in Ultrasound

1.  Abdomen
for liver, GB, pancreas:   nothing to eat or drink 8
hours prior to the exam.  ( you can take medication with sips of
2.  Abdomen for spleen kidneys aorta:  no preparation.
3.  Gynecology (Pelvic)  drink 4 - 5 glass of fluid (whatever you
like) 1 hour prior to you scheduled exam.  Do not empty your
bladder.  A full bladder is required for this test.  If you feel you
become too full and cannot hold it, try and let
some (not all) out to
be more confortable.
Obstetrics (pregnancy): No preparation.
4.  All other exams: no preparation
Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound is one of the newest appications
in the investigation of disease and injury of joints, tendons,
ligament, muscles and bone.  It is emerging as an effective
alternative to costly MRI exams.  It is quick, easy, and painless.  
There is no pre-authorizations, and usually no co-pays.
Narragansett Radiology offers a wide variety of Ultrasound exams:

Abdomen     (liver, GB, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, aorta, etc)
Small Parts   (  thyroid, testicular, hernias,  etc)
Vascular       (Duplex Doppler Carotids, deep leg veins, etc)
.  Breast        (cysts, masses, nodes, tumors, implant rupture.etc)
Gynecology (vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, hysterosonograms)
Obstetric       (Full evaluation of the pregnancy )
Fetal Gender determination (Must be at least 18 wks pregnant)

NEW    Musculokeletal Ultrasound

Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Hips, Knees, Ankles, Feet
Our Sonographer, Donald Hill, has been performing ultrasound for over 36 years, and is among the
most experienced Ultrasound Practitioners in the country.  He was the first registered Breast
Sonographer in Rhode Island,  and is 1 of about 150 sonographers worldwide to achieve the status of
Advanced Practice Sonographer (APS).  He is currently the only APS in Rhode Island.  He was also the
first ultrasound practitioner certified in Nuchal Translucency and Nasal bone evaluation to evaluate
Down Syndrome in the state. He is the author of 14 publication in various national ultrasound journals.
He is currently the only sonographer in Rhode Island certified in Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound.
Publication by Donald Hill
1.  Ectopic Abdominal Uterine Leiomyoma, An unusual consequence of Uterine Artery Embolization
2.  Bartholin's Gland Squamous Cell Carcinoma; a Rare Vulvar Neoplasm.
3. Extensive Non-Unoin of the Amnion; An unusual Presentation of Amniotic Band Syndrome.
4.  Familial Autosomal Dominant Brachydactyly, using 3D surface rendering and multiplanar reconstruction.
5.  First Trimester Ectopia Cordis in a Twin Gestation using 3D surface rendering and Reconstruction
6.  Ectopic Cecoureteocele.
7.  3D sonohysterographic Demonstration of an Endometrial Placental Site Nodule / Plaque with multiplanar       
8.  Atypical Adenopathy Associated with Cat Scratch Disease in a Chronically Ill Woman.
9.  High Accuracy Sonographic Recognition of Gallstones.
10.  Renal Adenocarcinoma in an Asymtomatic 19 year old Female.
11.  Dematofibrosarcoma Protuberans, an uncommon soft tissue neoplasm
12.  Pseudo-Pelvic Mass: An Unusual Consequence of a Failed Prosthetic Hip Joint
13.  Large Hepatocellular Carcinoma in an essentially Asymptomatic Young Woman
14.  Unsuspected Traumatic Psuedoaneurysm of theInternal Carotid Artery
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Simply,  The Best.
New   Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound

Ultrasound of

Shoulder    Elbow     wrist
Hip    Knee   Ankle    Foot