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Pricing and Payment options
In the complex changing environment of healthcare, we know it can
be challenging.  With higher deductibles and co-pays, people often
find themselves in situations where they have to pay for healthcare
out of pocket.  With these changes, Price becomes an important
issue.  To help you with this process, we present a general list of our
pricing for various examinations.  We try very hard to keep our
prices as low as possible.  We hope you find this helpful.
X-Ray exams
Wrist, Hand, Fingers, Ankle, Foot, Toes             $60-$80
Shoulders, Arms, Legs, Hips                              $60-$80
Knees                                                              $70-$80
Chest                                                               $74
Ribs                                                                 $91
Abdomen                                                         $82-$98
Spine                                                               $96-$132
Pelvis                                                              $64-$91
Skull                                                                $142
Sinuses                                                            $94
Digital Mammogram                                         $200-$250

Ultrasound exams

Abdomen, Kidneys                                          $150-$234
Pelvic                                                             $180-$270
Scrotal / Testicular                                           $210
Pregnancy                                                       $210 - 330
Lower Leg veins (blood clots)                           $240
Carotid arteries                                                $300
Breast                                                             $168
Musculo-Skeletal                                             $230

This is an incomplete listing.  Please call our office for specific exam pricing

While we prefer payment in full at the time of examination, we offer easy payment
plans to meet you budget.

We can accept cash, checks, credit card, and debit cards.