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Mammography is the most accurate
x-ray method available for analyzing
the nature of breast tissue.  The
procedure is safe and reliable.

A mammogram can detect breast
cancer before a woman or her doctor
can feel it by breast exam.   It is a
valuable tool for early detection of a
variety of breast diseases.

The technique uses a low dose x-ray to
image the inside of the breast on a
special digital recording device.
Mammography is a simple procedure.

A specially qualified mammographer will gently position your breast on a dedicated breast imaging x-ray machine ,
and compress the breast tissue slowly with a paddle made of clear plastic.  You will feel some pressure on the
breast. The exposure will be taken quickly and the compression paddle will release automatically.

While breast compression may be uncomfortable,
it is very important in order to :
* Even out the breast thickness so all tissues can be visualized.
* Spread out the tissue so that small abnormalities won't be obscured by overlying areas
* The thinner the breast is compressed, the lower the radiation dose.
Hold the breast still in order to eliminate blurring of the image from motion.

The mammographer will work with you to obtain the best possible compression and films.

You will be asked to wait a few minutes for the mammographer to develop your films, to determine  if any other
images are needed.

A radiologist will study your mammogram and dictate a report to your referring physician, who will then discuss
the findings with you.
Preferably, the exam should be scheduled 7-10 days after the
start of your menstrual cycle to minimize discomfort.

Please do not use any deodorant, powder, perfume, or ointment
on your breast or underarm area before your exam.

We suggest ,for your convenience ,wearing a blouse with either
a skirt or slacks.
Digital  Mammograms
The American Cancer Society and
the American College of Radiology
recommends the following schedule
for routine Mammograms

Age  35 - 40     Baseline Mammogram
Age  40 - 50     Every 1 - 2 years
Age  50            Every year
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