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Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound
Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound (MSK) is one of the newest applications in the field of
sonography.  Until just recently, the most effective way to image injuries or disease of the
joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles was MRI.  MRI is, however very expensive,
usually requires pre-authorization, and frequently has costly co-pays, not to mention many
patient's problem with claustrophobia.

MSK ultrasound has emerged as an effective and equally accurate alternative to MRI. It is
relatively quick, painless, much less expensive, and usually requires no pre-authorization
or co-pays.

MSK ultrasound can easily image and diagnose many problems of the joints, including the
shoulders (rotator cuff), elbows (tennis / golfer's elbows), wrists (carpal tunnel), fingers
(trigger finger),
hips (bursitis), knees (ligament /  tendons sprains), and feet.  
Additionally, in can effectively image injuries to
muscles as well as joint diseases like
arthritis and rheumatoid disease.
 Donald Hill RDMS, RMSKS, APS, RT(R)

Our Chief Ultrasound Practitioner Donald Hill is
currently the
only board certified MSK sonographer
in Rhode Island
Torn rotator cuff
Torn Achilles tendon
Tennis Elbow
Large knee effusion
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